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Forest Energy Wood Pellets are made from 100% recycled wood and biomass residue.

In our manufacturing process, the wood residue (raw material) is screened, dried to a specific moisture level, and ground to a uniform size. Then, a finely balanced blend of sawdust is conveyed into the pellet mills where it is compressed and formed into a very dense and consistent wood pellet.

Rob Davis, the owner and President of Forest Energy Corporation, began operations in Show Low, Arizona in 1991. The company manufactures wood pellets for fuel, in addition to animal bedding, absorbents, and a 5-lb compressed wood log for use in fireplaces and wood stoves. The majority of woody materials used are obtained directly from forest restoration projects. A small component of sawdust, shavings, and fines left over after processing trees for lumber and other wood products are also used. The company employs 30 people in their processing plant and consumes about 150,000+ tons of green wood per year.

Wood Pellet Production Process

To manufacture the wood pellets, woody chipped material is transferred to an in-feed system where it is metered into a screen which separates the chips from the sawdust. The chips are passed through a pre-grinder and mixed with the sawdust. The material is then dried to the proper moisture content. After drying, the sawdust is conveyed onto a screen, which separates the fine sawdust from the coarse material. The coarse material goes through a hammer mill to be reduced in size and is subsequently recycled back into the system. The refined material is metered into the die where the pellets are formed. The pellets are cooled and conveyed into a storage silo. Finally, the wood pellets are packaged into 20- or 40-lb bags, or bulk delivered for central heating customers.

There are currently two grades of pellet fuel: standard and premium. The primary distinction between the two is that the standard grade contains more ash than the premium grade.

Robert Davis is the founder and CEO of Forest Energy Corp

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Forest Energy Corporation
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