ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH

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Telephone : +49 (0)30 / 897746-18
Address : Am Treptower Park 28-30 Haus A , Berlin , Germany , D- 12435

The Eckrohr-Boiler centre in Berlin (Germany) licenses the Eckrohr-Boilers to qualified boiler manufacturers world-wide.

Within the Eckrohr-Boiler group is a free and lively exchange of experience. The experience is transferred to the Centre, evaluated, added by the latest knowledge from technical literature and made available to all licensed partners. Conferences of all group members take place nearly every two years where latest developments are presented and the operation of existing plants is discussed. This co-operation has the advantage that each Eckrohr-Boiler group member can grasp the knowledge of the whole group.

The ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH

  • was developed from an engineering office founded in Berlin over 50 years ago,

  • is an engineering company offering licenses to manufacture Eckrohr-Boilers world-wide,

  • offers engineering services concerning industrial boilers and thermal energy techniques.

The main company activities can be divided into two fields:

company activities

Eckrohr industrial boilers for steam, hot water and thermal oil are realised by renowned boiler manufactures world-wide with growing performances.
Range of operation:

steam rating
from 0.4

290 t/h
steam pressure
from 8

136 bar
steam temperature
535 °C
hot water boiler
174 MW

Larger capacities are possible as well. Eckrohr-boilers differ basically from other boiler types by several characteristic features.