Eneco Energy Trade

eMail : biomass@eneco.nl
Telephone : +31 (0)88 89 54 804
Address : P.O. Box 96 , 2900 AB Capelle a/d IJssel , The Netherlands

Biomass Desk

We are able to trade biomass globally by providing market entrance for both producers and consumers.
We believe that in order to secure continuous and reliable biomass flows to end-users, it is necessary on the one hand to be involved in upstream projects to control the total chain of biomass and otherwise to be active in biomass trading to mitigate market risks.
We trade biomass on spot mainly based on standard GAFTA contracts (FOB, CIF, EXW). In addition we also offer full portfolio management services to third parties in which we fully secure the supply of biomass for our end-clients.

Project Development
Our upstream projects are focused on securing the raw material supply and implementing the best available technology to establish the right product-market combination to maximize the value throughout the chain.

We develop projects globally as we believe Europe will depend on imports to secure the future supply of biomass. We focus on several types of feedstocks like forest residues, agri-residues and/or other waste streams.

To convert these feedstocks to suitable biomass in the most efficient manner we are also actively involved in existing and developing conversion technologies like pelletizing, torrefaction and pyrolysis.