Aug 8 2013

EcoForest – Vapomatra group

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Telephone : +34 986 262 184 / 262 185
Address : Polígono Industrial \"A pasaxe\" Calle 15 / nº22 / parcela 139 , Vincios-Gondomar Pontevedra , None , Spain , 36316

Vapomatra-Ecoforest group of companies is active in 14 countries with household products for heating based on wood, chips and pellets and het pumps.
The Vapormatra-Ecoforest group of companies was incorporated in Vigo in 1959 by owner and founder José Carlos Alonso Martinez. After travelling to New York in 1958 on the occasion of the first multi-sectoral world fair, José Carlos began his career by marketing steam boilers, burners and products for the heating sector.  In the 70's,  they developed their first wood-chip biomass boiler. In 1993, a new challenge: to market a new especially ecological and economic product. To this end Vapormatra-Ecoforest created Spain's first pellet mill in Villacañas (Toledo) and launched the firm's latest invention on the European market the first pellet-fuelled stove-boiler. Currently, Ecoforest is a market leader with a wide range of air, water and ducted air heaters, and is present in 14 countries.

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