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Detek Aturan is working with projects collecting bio waste and processing it to valuable products like pellets and fertilizers.

Detik Aturan Sdn Bhd (henceforth referred to as Detik Aturan) has devoted a lot of attention towards beneficial use of agricultural waste by converting them to organic fertilisers – through Microbial and Vermiculture activities. An intensive program has been applied for the transfer of modern composting techniques; a knowledge transfer offered to a wide range of both private and governmental farms.

In parallel, the group has developed and generated a technology for hastening and upgrading nutritive value of the produced compost. This technology is applied in the production of Rapid and Nutritionally Enriched Compost.

Detik Aturan also targets to produce energy at the cheapest possible cost and as such we opt for harvesting raw material from waste – agriculture wasteforestry waste and plantation waste. Given that these wastes are located all over Malaysia, it is important that the pellets & briquette process is conducted on-site – where the waste is located – to minimize transportation cost.

Detik Aturan has managed to leverage and capitalise on the knowledge and technology to process EFB into fibre for higher value-added economic activities as part of the emerging industries.


Bio-Manage Development

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Facility Development

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Biomass Pellets Processing Facility in Selangor, MALAYSIA
Detik Aturan has been entrusted by the government of Malaysia under the Pemodenan Pertanian (agricultural modernization) programme to launch a pilot project that will add value to agricultural waste by means of transformation into solid fuel pellets and briquette. This project aims to reduce dumping and open burning of agricultural waste that can pollute the environment and pose serious health hazards.

Detik Aturan has been pioneering a project that will add value to agricultural waste by means of processing it into biomass solid fuel pellets. Equipped with European CE and ISO 9001 certified machineries and equipment, the biggest project of its kind in Malaysia with annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes will utilize agro-waste and agro-industrial waste to be processed into biomass pellets; which then can be used as renewable energy to replace coal and fossil fuels for clean burning.

We expect this processing facility which is proposed to be located in Kuala Selangor, Selangor to generate a lot of interest.