Confluence Energy

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Confluence Energy produces biomass material for industrial and residential uses. Within the Oil & Gas Industry, Confluence Energy is a leading provider of innovative, proprietary carbon and fiber-based products and processes. These patented products treat produced waste on site and eliminate oil and gas waste streams in a way that reduces costs and boosts environmental sustainability.
Wood pellet producer Confluence Energy has completed its acquisition of Rocky Mountain Pellet Company in Walden, a deal announced during a public gathering in Walden on March 15.

The two companies where formerly competitors in the wood pellet marketplace.

The wood pellets are made from beetle-killed wood and are used as a heating product for wood pellet stoves. The pellets are considered a clean and renewable form of domestic heating and can also be used as landscaping material, animal bedding, and absorbents.

In the fall of 2012, Confluence Energy was awarded a 10-year stewardship contract from the U.S. Forest Service on a bid of $4.75 million to remove beetle-killed wood from the Medicine-Bow Routt National Forest, which will be used to supply the two plants with wood to produce the company's products.

New products

Confluence has begun to produce three different bioremediation products using beetle-killed wood that can be used by the oil and gas industry to decontaminate water and hard surfaces. The products are called EcoSponge, EcoChar, and EcoPondSweep. These products absorb oil and other contaminants, break down the hydrocarbons, and then can be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner as they are considered biodegradable, according to the company.