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More than 70 years of briquetting experience!

C.F. Nielsen A/S was established in 1889 and is today the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses.

We supply briquetting solutions all over the world for production of industrial type of briquettes for use in big boilers at heating plants etc. and log type briquettes to be used in fireplaces and ovens by private consumers.

The raw material is wood waste and other biomass products.

We have several hundred briquetting presses in operation spread over all 5 continents.

BP 5510, BP 6010 & BP 6510 mechanical briquetting presses

BP 5510, BP 6010 & BP 6510 mechanical briquetting presses

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BP 5510, BP 6010 & BP 6510 mechanical briquetting presses

Revolutionary concept 
We have introduced a revolutionary concept for briquetting technology by combining our latest developments with a modern design for our 3 largest press models. All 3 presses are heavy built with sturdy housings made of high tensile steel, and fixed on heavy steel reinforced concrete foundation, which secures a quiet and safe ope-ration with extremely low vibration level.

Advanced design 
All vital parts of the press including the two heavy flywheels are integrated in the strong steel housing and the protective fiber glass casings. The modern design gives the press a sleek look and is at the same time easy to clean.

Industrial briquetting 

BP 5510 and 6010 are suitable for automatic production of industrial briquettes at installations with limited silo capacity. The double feeding system guarantees high capacity, regardless of the density of the raw material. The moisture content of the raw material should be 6-16% for industrial briquettes.

Straw briquetting package 
Enlarged inlet housing with additional sensors and ventilation of the compression chamber as well as corrosion protection is available as an option for straw briquetting. Special compression dies with exchangeable wear ring is also included in the straw briquetting package.

Consumer briquetting 
BP 5510 is a flexible press that is also very suitable for production of medium size consumer type briquettes, whereas the BP 6510 with heavy bronze bearings is designed primarily for production of consumer briquettes with 10-12% moisture content. It is an ideal combination with our BS 350 automatic saw and the BW 350 weighing system, as well as other options.

Control systems with PLC

The BBCS control system with 5.7” touch screen monitor is standard for BP 5510 and 6010, whereas the more advanced ABCS system with 10.4” touch screen is standard only for the BP 6510 HD and an option for the other models.

It is possible to monitor, operate or search for failures and even to reprogram the PLC-function via an internet connection. All operation texts and failure notices can be shown in up to 16 languages. The log function is an important tool for analyzing and improving the briquetting process. A unique piston and die system with exchangeable wear ring is available for different types of briquettes from various raw materials. It also includes solutions for production of round and square briquettes with or without center hole.

Main Features and Benefits 

• New and modern design with streamlined fiberglass covers
• Reduced noise level
• Bigger motors until 75 kW
• Touch screen operation via control panel or your iPad
• Latest PLC software for control system and internet log in
• Service-friendly and easy to clean
• Easy to service and low maintenance costs
• Die system with exchangeable wear-ring to reduce costs
• Improved safety system
• Improved lubrication system
• Improved oil/water cooling
• Heavy built and suitable for running 3 shift operation