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Gasifer of biomass for power generation. The pollution-free answer to providing inexpensive energy through consumption of Bio-Mass material.
The pollution-free answer to providing inexpensive energy through consumption of Bio-Mass material.

The CCE-SJ Gasproducer was developed to consume solid Bio-Mass fuels to produce tar-free gas for electricity generation and / or heat applications. The biogas plant is self-contained, efficient and reliable alternative source of convenient energy is one of the most cost-effective solutions to uplift non-grid and remote areas, where it may be difficult to obtain liquid fuels or where the costs thereof are too high, but where Bio-Mass material is readily available.

Currently existing CCE-SJG Systems range from 120 to 850 Norm Cubic Meter tar-free gas production per hour, producing 50 to 400 kVA electricity, or a thermal output of 180 to 1300 kWth.

Established 1978

The company was established in 1978 as Illies Engineering (Pty) Ltd and was part of the Illies Southern Africa Group, trading as EREX and supplying industrial machinery and plants. It also carried out special engireering tasks for it's sister company Styria Engineering (Pty) Ltd, in Sebenza, Edenvale, a stainless steel fabrication works.
In 1994, Gero Eckermann and partner Günther A Freudendahl, bought the company from the Illies Group and changed the name to Carbo Consult & Engineering (Pty) Ltd. ("CCE").
The company represents the interest of Carbo Consult - Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Industrietechnik mbH, Paderborn, Germany, dealing with process technology in the field of Active Carbon, Biotechnology and Recycling.

In 1994 "CCE" concluded a License Agreement with Mr Karl Gustaf Johansson, Halfway House, Midrand, for manufacturing, marketing and sales of his patented invention, the System Johansson Gas Producers. This started a close collaboration with Mr Johansson in which "CCE" invested substantial work and resources to document the engineering of five types of gasifiers with an output capacity range from 120 to 850 Nm³/htar-free gas per hour. The whole range is suitable for electrical power generation from 50 to 1200 KVA.

In 2002 "CCE" started co-operating with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan and their Research Institute in Akashi in the Government sponsored NEDO Research project for Sustainable Energy Resources and supplied a Gasifier with gasification technology for the plant.
This culminated in 2005 by "KHI" procuring the exclusive license for the production in Japan of our 180 and 450Nm³/h Gas Producers.