BTEC Biomass Thermal Energy Council

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The Biomass Thermal Energy Council is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the use of biomass for heat and other thermal energy applications.

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) is an association of biomass fuel producers, appliance manufacturers and distributors, supply chain companies and non-profit organizations that view biomass thermal energy as a renewable, responsible, clean and energy-efficient pathway to meeting America’s energy needs. BTEC engages in research, education, and public advocacy for the fast growing biomass thermal energy industry.

Advocacy and Government Affairs
BTEC advocates for public policies that recognize the energy savings and efficiencies that can be provided through the use of biomass in direct heat and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. BTEC develops strategic guidance for industry and policy makers that articulates the benefits and promotes the use of biomass thermal energy. A member-led Government Affairs Committee guides the organization’s efforts in this area.

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Education and Outreach
BTEC improves awareness and broadens understanding among government and industry leaders, media, the general public, and other stakeholders regarding the benefits of biomass thermal energy and of the technologies that will lead to its wider use. A member-led Education and Outreach Committee guides the organization’s efforts in this area.

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Research and Analysis
BTEC is engaged in developing peer-reviewed, authoritative research in areas where little is currently available for the biomass thermal industry. These studies will provide the needed data for policymakers, investors, and consumers to make informed decisions related to the use of biomass for thermal energy. A member-led Research and Analysis Committee guides the organization’s efforts in this area.