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Founded in 1997, Biomasse Italia SpA can be considered as a landmark in the national field of energy production from renewable sources (solid biomass). It runs two power stations in the south of Italy in Stromboli and Crotone.
The strategy of Biomasse Italia is to produce clean energy from renewable sources fully respecting the Environment, in order to ensure a sustainable energetic system in the long term, employing an advanced technology .

Clean energy production from renewable raw material

The Company core business is constituted by the energy production from renewable energetic sources, carried out in the two stations located at the Plants of Crotone and Strongoli. The final product is entirely provided to the national grid.

The current productive structure of the two stations has a capacity of an overall energy intake in the national grid of 60 electrical Megawatts (Strongoli – 40 MW and Crotone – 20 MW) that makes Biomasse Italia one of the biggest European Companies in the field of electric power production from the only Biomass combustion. Crotone’s production started in 2001 whereas Strongoli’s production started in 2003.

Distribution of energy

The yearly production is of about 500 GWh for a yearly turnover of about 100 millions euro.

The raw material consists mainly of biomass made of wood chips derived from forest maintenance and agro-food residuals coming from local and foreign markets. At the Strongoli Station the yearly biomass consumption is of 450.000 tons and at the Crotone station of 250.000 tons.

The Company has invested more than 100 millions euro in the plants, as well as tens of millions of euro in working capital (machinery and equipments, stocks).

EFIBANCA (arranger-underwriter) and a Pool of banks which includes the Banca Popolare di Crotone are the financing banks.

Founded in 1997, Biomasse Italia SpA can be considered as a landmark in the national field of energy production from renewable sources (solid biomass), fully respecting the environment and being aware of its own industrial and technological role in developing the national energy policy, oriented towards an energetic supply system, sustainable in the long term.

Biomasse Italia SpA is placed to the first positions among the Calabria’s private companies operating in the energy production from renewable sources.


To develop the local agro-energetic supply chain, the Company has an Italian partner which is very experienced in the field of biomass: BioTrade.