Bioenergi i Luleå AB

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Telephone : 0920-255039
Address : Uddebovägen 5 , Luleå , none , Sweden , 973 23

Bioenergi i Luleå AB is a pellet production plant built 1998 and located in the very north of Sweden. The plant capacity is 95 000 ton per year and production is used for commercial as well as for private customers.
Bioenergi i Luleå, pellet production plant in the north of Sweden

Bioenergi Luleå AB  is located in the very north of Sweden. It began producing fuel pellets in 1998 and is today one of Sweden's largest wood pellet manufacturer, with a capacity of 95,000 tons of pellets per year. Our fuel pellets fall into Class 1 according to Swedish standards.

Our customers are power and district heating plants in Sweden and Europe.  We are located close to Luleå deep water port. We do also supply the local consumer market.

Pellet Production of Bioenergy takes place in one of Europe's most modern pellet plants with 17 employees located in Arontorps industrial, Lulea, close to the steel plant, SSAB. Exsess energy from the steel plant is used for district heating and for the pellet mills drying process. The annual output is enough to heat about 12,000 houses, an equivalent amount of 45 000 m3 of fuel oil.