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Providing equipment for production of biodiesel plants from home to medium commercial scale.
Having a Biodiesel processors is fundamental when you want to get started producing your own biodiesel fuel for your own automobiles. These days you have couple of possibilities:

* Build your biodiesel kit with your own design.

* Buying a biodiesel plant.

Buying a biodiesel processor is a great concept. If your interested in making your own biodiesel fuel, this might be the best approach to go with. There are numerous biodiesel plants on the market these days. Normally if you are going spend income, it is possible to expect to shell out any where from $500 USD to $10,000 USD. All of it depends on your wants, the quantity you would like to produce, and your budget.

Down Load B-500/CB Info Doc Here

Our B-500 processor is the heart of the Continuous Batch system and has

 the capacity to produce 2.3 million gallons of Biodiesel annually.

The B-500 Continuous Batch Biodiesel Plant produces 400 gallon batches of Biodiesel.

Down Load B-500/CB Info Doc Here


B-500 continuous batch processor includes all steel plumbing, mixing pump, and heavy duty brass ball valves. Methoxide mixing tank is plumbed with the explosion proof pump for safety and ease of use.