BDI – BioEnergy International AG

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BDI develops technologies for energy generation from by- and waste products while ensuring maximum protection of resources at the same time. As the leading specialised plant manufacturer, BDI provides customised turnkey BioDiesel and BioGas plants using technologies that were developed in-house.

BDI is a specialist plant constructor for plants in the field of "Waste to BioFuels".

BDI – BioEnergy International AG is the market and technology leader in the construction of customised BioDiesel plants using the multi-feedstock process developed by the company that allows for the production of BioDiesel from different raw materials such as vegetable oils, used cooking oils and animal fats.

Ever since it was founded in 1996, the company has specialised in the development of technologies for the industrial upgrading of by- and waste products in the most sustainable manner possible and has today an extensive portfolio of patents at its disposal that reflects its in-house R&D activities. As a leading specialist plant constructor, BDI - BioEnergy International AG also provides highly effective plant concepts in the field of "Waste to BioFuels" for the production of high-grade Omega-3 fatty acids and of BioGas made from industrial waste. Its range of services includes statutory engineering approval procedures, basic and detail engineering, construction, commissioning and after-sales services.

BDI – BioEnergy International AG and the companies it consolidates currently have about 100 employees.

Growth in new markets
The BDI – BioEnergy Group wants to continue with achieving strong growth by developing new markets. The focus primarily lies on industrial nations, where animal fat is an important raw material.  By developing new markets and the associated internationalisation process, we are planning to increase of independence of regulatory frameworks in BioDiesel production in the individual countries or regions.

Growth through the development of new product areas
BDI – BioEnergy research concentrates in particular on finding new raw materials. In this context, we concentrate on the waste products of industrial countries. In addition, BDI – BioEnergy works on devising new application possibilities for BioDiesel or glycerine, for instance in biodegradable plastics. The company will continue to foster close cooperation between its own R&D section and universities and other external research institutions.