AS Graanul Invest

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Telephone : +372 66 99 870
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Address : Humala str. 2 , Tallinn , none , Estonia , 10617

AS Graanul Invest is a privately owned company, established in 2003, and works with forestry, development of bioenergy and the production of renewable energy. It is the biggest pellet producer in Europe with a yearly capacity of 1 800 000 ton (2016).

Graanul Invest group is the biggest producer of wood pellets in Europe.

AS Graanul Invest is a privately owned company, established in  2003, and works with forestry, development of bioenergy and the production of renewable energy.

The company has had fast development and grown to be the biggest producer of pellets in Europe.

The capacity of Graanul Invest group  is  1 800 000 tons of pellets per year.

During development of the company  the existing factories have been modernised as well as build new factories to decrease the environmental impact of production and improve the general well-being of the environment

CEO: Raul Kirjanen
Sales and development

COO: Jaano Haidla
Production and raw material

CFO: Rain Silivask
Finance and reporting

Graanul Invest group includes 11 large and modern pellet factories, two sales organisations, four combined heat and power plants (CHP plants) and three companies engaged in forest management and havesting.

The group of AS Graanul Invest employs over 600 persons.

The goal of the company is to produce and supply nature-friendly and high-quality products to its customers and contribute to the preservation of the environment by providing renewable fuel to the market and reduction of waste from conventional fossil fuel based energy.

The Graanul Invest Group consists of 23 companies with pellet and power production, sales and forestry as activities. Each production site is a separate company, In North America they are in a joint venture through the company Rentech Graanul LLC together with Rentech (

Pellets are sold under different trademarks:

Graanul invest, naturkraft, Pelletgreen, pelletiküte, pelletkraft, FLEX HEAT, Fulghum graanul, begreen


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