Ariterm Group

Telephone : 0480-442852
Address : Uuraistentie 1 , Saarijärvi , Finland , SE 43101

Ariterm a leading Scandinaian manufacturer of domestic pellet and wood appliances and commercial units up to 3000 kW with pellets, wood or chips or other bio bulk fuels.

Ariterm is of one of Scandinavian’s leading manufacturers of bio-fuel heating systems.  Development and manufacture are in Sweden and Finland, two countries with experience of cold and what to do about it. This guarantees that the equipment satisfies the Nordic climate. Ariterm has a century of tradition but bubbles with creativeness and the will to be in the lead in environmental, effective and functionally-safe heating techniques.

Ariterm develops, manufactures and markets heating techniques for renewable bio-fuel as pellets, wood and chips. To feel safe in your choice of heating Ariterm gives priority to functional equipment of high quality with long lifetime. At the same time your investment in bio-fuel heating has a quick break-even compared to other techniques.

The Ariterm Group holds the trademarks KMP and Ariterm

Domestic heating

Ariterm Biomatic
The pellet boilers in the Ariterm Biomatic series are designed for simple and effective pellet burning and easy maintenance,. The different models fit both small and larger establishments. The Ariterm Biomatic+ with integrated pellet burner is Scandinavia’s most sold pellet boiler.

Ariterm Vedo
Vedo is especially designed to fulfil the demands for convenient, easy and effective wood firing. New design, suction fan and 90 % efficiency makes Vedo a very interesting choice for wise house owners. The boiler is intended for operation together with an accumulator tank and it is of course prepared for a pellet burner.

Pellet stoves

Our pellet stoves cover the heating requirements for a normal one-family house and can be installed as primary heating source or as a supplement to electrical heating

Commercial heating

Arimax bioenergy boilers and systems are designed for heating especially with domestic fuels. Our product range includes versatile boilers in the power range of 40-3000 kW and complete heating systems up to 500 kW.

Arimax bio burners are designed for various (bio)fuels
Bioburners: MultiJet 40-1500, BioJet 60-1000 kW and Hakejet 60-300 kW

Ariterm boiler houses are strong factory-built heating centres for pellet use. They come preinstalled with all the necessary equipment for a functioning heating centre.


Ariterm also provides automation, hydraulic scrapers and feeding screws