Ankit Bio-fuels Pvt. Ltd.

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Telephone : 91-9448380961
Address : No 76, District jail road, Bovipalya, Oorukere, NH-4 Tumkur , Karnataka , none , India , 572106

Company Profile

The Ankit-Bio fuels Group, founded by Sri. G. B. Aradhya, is India's major biomass briquettes manufacturing private sector enterprise, with businesses in the alternative energy sector. Group's annual revenues are in excess of INR.75million
Ours is a company which was started during the year 1997, has engaged in manufacturing of fuel briquettes using agro products namely coffee husk, sawdust and groundnut shells. These solid fuels briquettes are substitute to fossil fuels like coal, diesel, furnace oil and other petroleum fuel products which are expensive, major contributors of Global warming, also which are in the alarming depletion level through out the world. As the solid fuel briquettes are manufactured using agro products, they are pollution free.

These briquettes are now gaining popularity on account of

  •     Reduced cost and economics

  •     Maintenance of temperature equal to that of diesel and coal.

  •     Disposing of residue easy and safe.

  •     Reduction in inventory and clean in handling.

The raw materials were either used for low economical purposes by using them for manures in the gardens or for domestic purpose. The establishing of the company has gained value and better utilization of raw materials as the bio-fuel in the form of briquettes, used in the place of expensive, depleting, pollutant fossil fuels.

Major Group Companies are

  •     Sun Eco Flames,

  •     Sun Agro Tech Inc

  •     Sun Carbons,

  •     Sun Green Energy