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Since 1975, Airex Industries has been committed to the development of quaity commercial and industrial dust collection, filtration and air cleaning equipment. Airex has also developed a torrefaction technology for fuel production and wood protection and is now providing a demo plant for test runs for customers.

Introducing CarbonFX: The Cutting Edge in Wood Torrefaction/Carbonization Technology

Combining their expertise in fluid dynamics and heat transfer, Airex Energy has successfully developed an exciting new technology for biomass torrefaction. Based on a unique patented cyclonic bed reactor, CarbonFX enables large scale bio-coal production from a variety of feedstock, including woody biomass and agricultural waste.

Producing Bio-coal Now!

In March 2011, Airex Energy launched its first 250 kg/hr CarbonFX reactor. Many tonnes of torrefied biomass have already been produced and distributed to various clients for testing. If you would like to test our torrefied biomass, please contact Sylvain Bertrand.

Sylvain Bertrand, ing. MBA

Vice-President - Corporate Development
AIREX Énergie, division de Airex Industries inc.

2500, rue Bernard-Lefebvre
Laval (Québec) Canada
H7C 0A5
T.514.351.2303 p.219

Airex demo torrefaction plant

Airex demo torrefaction plant


The company also have another version of the technology for the market of wood protection FEBX500

The torrefaction is a heat treatment which aims to modify the properties of various wood varieties. Unlike a conventional drying, torrefaction is done at high temperature, in the range of 160°C to 250°C [320°F to 490°F]. The torrefied wood develops increased resistance to deterioration, fungal attack as well as insects. In addition, the wood becomes hydrophobic, ie water will pearl on is surface and does not penetrate the fiber. It is not necessary to chemically treat the torrefied wood for use in external applications. Finally, the torrefaction can change the shade of the wood. Thus, woods varieties with paler shades can be torrefied from golden honey to very dark colors.

Airex Industries has developed a high end technology biomass torrefaction oven for performing treatment on wood. It was designed and created to meet the needs of this particular application. The biomass torrefaction oven is intended to be fully autonomous, requiring a minimum of human intervention. Simply insert the wood into the oven, entering the starting data in the computer and the oven will do the rest!


Airex FEBx500 heat treated wood kiln

Airex FEBx500 heat treated wood kiln


Air and dust filters

For over 30 years, Airex Industries has supplied quality commercial and insutrial dust collection systems that serve our customers for all their air quality and filtration requirements.

Airex manufactures cartridge dust collectors, baghouse dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors and wet dust collection systems as well as the various accessories required for their operation. Airex also builds downdraft tables and air make-up units. Let's not forget our unsurpassed expertise in industrial ventilation and air conditioning.

You may relax knowing you can trust the Airex team for all your product and service needs.

Airex dust filters

Airex dust filters