Aalborg Energie Technik A/S

eMail : fsl@aet-biomass.com
Telephone : +45 96 32 86 00
Address : Alfred Nobels Vej 21F , Aalborg Ö , none , Denmark , DK-9229

Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET) is an engineering and contracting company which supplies and provides service on complete biomass fired boilers, combined heat and power (CHP) and power plants in the size 25 – 170 MWth.

AET assists our customers to achieve a viable business case through good feasibility, high efficiency, high availability, low emission impact, low maintenance costs and above all - a well-functioning plant.

Biomass fuel flexibility
The AET biomass technology enables the use of many different types of biomass fuel - separated or in combination. The biomass fuel originates from forestry, agriculture, residual products from process industries / machining industries or is based on industrial waste.

Examples of different types of biomass fuels in existing plants are

Read more about our customers here.

High availability/efficiency and low maintenance costs 
The AET Biomass Boiler is designed to be

  • High availability (+99 %)

  • High boiler efficiency (92%)

  • Very low maintenance costs

  • High fuel flexibility.

See example of an AET Biomass Power Plant with +99% reliability and 92% boiler efficiency or read more about the benefits of the AET Boiler Concept.