CMT Event: Biomass Trade & Power Europe Copenhagen Feb 22 – 24

CMT’s Biomass Series has traveled across Europe, America and Asia – from Rotterdam to Brussels to Atlanta to Seoul to Jakarta and recently to Tokyo. With nearly a decade of bringing together over thousands of wood pellet & wood chip producers & traders, power utilities, and technology providers, the Series is often pegged as the ‘Biggest Biomass Buyers & Suppliers Meet’!

Starting out with BiomassWorld in 2008, the series has evolved to encompass inter-regional wood pellet trade & supply, biomass power projects, developments in biofuels, biomass use regulations and more. Our 2016 editions are coming up in Bangkok, Copenhagen and Tokyo!


“Emergence of NEW Supply for the Growing Regional Demand”

Growth in the European biomass markets has been boosted by Drax Power’s third unit going online, boosting their wood pellets consumption to twenty thousand tonnes a day. After the UK, the Danish market remains at the forefront of activity, with Dong Energy and Hofor set for a major increase in both renewable power output as well as wood pellet and wood chip consumption.

On downstream supply, shifting currency markets has led to a strong US Dollar that has sidelined spot exports from the US and favoured European pellet producers capable of offering at considerably lower levels.  Pellet pricing in Europe remains at its lowest levels in six years with Russia emerging as an attractive supply hub, with many consumers looking to reap its cost advantage.

The rapid rise and implementation of the Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP) scheme has been a welcome boost for the market as we see suppliers in the Baltics, Russia and North America being approved. The scheme remains in its infancy but should lead to increased trade and a politically accepted universal standard.  The emergence of wood chips as a primary fuel adds a new dynamic to the market and Scandinavia is positioned at the forefront with the likes of Dong Energy, Hofor and Fortum set to consume several million tonnes per year.

With these developments and a line-up of key experts from the industry, CMT’s Biomass Trade & Power Europe 2016 is set to be the platform to discuss the year ahead, key challenges and goals for the European biomass and power generation market.

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The event will on top of the programme also include  up to 8 hours for networking and discussion with prospective partners.

Programme outline  and speakers

Day 1 Monday 22 of February 

Pre-conference site visit to Dong Energy’s Avedøre Power Station & Blue Point Pellet Production Facility,

Day 2 Tuesday 23 of February

Overview of the European Wood Pellet Market,
John Bingham, Hawkins Wright Ltd.

Sustainability: Progress of SBP & Potential Callenges for Suppliers,
Mr Peter Wilson, Executive Director SBP

Sustainability panel 
Ms Alicia Cramer, President Westervelt Renewable Energy
Mr Vaughan Basset, Senior Vice President, sales and logistics, Pinnacle Renewable Energy
Mr Peter Wilson, Executive Director, SBP

Utility and trader panel
Ms. Pia Brinkman Madsen, Head of Fuel & Logistics, Dong Energy A/S
Senior representative, RWE Supply & Trading
Mr Fabian Mehu, Head of Biomass trading, Engie
Mr Jason Woods, Head of Biomass, Vattenfall AB

The Emergence of Russia as a Major Wood Pellet Supply Hub
Mr Michael Christensen, Senior trader CM Biomass Partners A/S

The Breakthrough for Black Pellets
Speaker to be announced

Premium Pellets Markets
Mr Jason Woods, Head of Biomass Vattenfall AB

Future Role of Biomass in Europe
Mr Thomas Meth, Executive vp, sales and marketing, Enviva LP

Day 2 Wednesday 24 of February

Mr. Michael Schytz, Head of Fuel & Logistics Hofor

Mr. Michael Schytz, Head of Fuel & Logistics

A Speaker profile from day 2 :
“Michael has extensive experience with the field of Biomass. The last 7 years he has worked with strategic and operational procurement of biomass in first DONG Energy and now HOFOR. He has also worked with Biomass sustainability and been heavily involved in the SBP. Today he heads up the Fuel Procurement and Logistic department in HOFOR, currently working on building a new woodchip fires boiler in Copenhagen burning approx. 1,2 mill. tonnes a year from 2020.”

Overview of the international Wood Chip Market
Mr. Michael Schytz, Head of fuel and logisitics, Hofor

Panel: Return of Wood Chips as a Primary Fuel for Energy
Mr Juan Prados, General Manager Generandi S.L.
Mr Paolo Moscone, Biomass Project Development, Enviro Srl
Mr Muchael Schytz, Head of Fuel and Logistics, Hofor

Wood Pellet Transportation and Logistics, Development across the Supply chain
Speaker to be announced

Global Producer Panel
Mr Vaughan Basset, Senior Vice President, Sales and logisitics, Pinnacle Renewable Energy
Mr. Harold Arnold, President Fram Renewable Fuels LLC
Mr Raul Kirjanen, CEO, AS Graanul Invest

Edited by 2016-01-12 Lennart Ljungblom