The Updated Bioenergy Global Event Calendar – Conferences and Exhibitions

Latest event added:

July 16 – 19 Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, Philladelfi, PA, USA, Biotechnology Innovation Center
Meet and network with 1,000 global business leaders, investors and policy makers.  The event covers the latest in Industrial Biotech including Synthetic Biology and Genetic Editing, Advanced Biofuels, Biobased Materials, Renewable Chemicals, Flavors, Fragrances and Food Ingredients, Agricultural Crop Technologies, Biomass Supply and new this year Algae.

Oct 10 – 11 Int. Biomass and Biogas Congress & Expo, Berlin org. Bioenergy Insight
“Brought to you by the industry’s leading international trade publication, Bioenergy Insight, this event will bring together companies actively involved in the biomass and biogas sectors, including energy companies and utilities, pellet producers, biogas plant operators and producers, those involved in the bioenergy supply chains, traders, as well as policy makers & regulators and many others.”

In our site we update our event calendar as soon as an interesting international event invitation arrives. Topics include solid biomass  like pellets and wood chips as well as liquid and gaseous biofuels, like ethanol or biodiesel. Events can focus on fuel production, trade, market or conversion to heat, electricity or fuels.

After the events we often follow up with a brief or for some events a more detailed report. Do you have an event, it could be a conference as well as an exhibition on the topic of bioenergy or bioeconomy send us an email with information.

The Bioenergy Event Calendar


20 – 23 Bioenergy Australia 2017, Sydney, Australia. Org. Bioenergy Australia
21 – 22 Bioenergy Future, Brussels, Belgium. Org. Aebiom The European Biomass Association  “Where market and policy meets.”
27 – 29 9th annual European Power Strategy and Systems Summit, Vienna, Austria

06 – 07 Energy from Waste Conference, London, org. ASDE Media BV
12 – 14 BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair ,Nuremberg, Germany
14 – 15 2:nd Bioeconomy Investment Summit, Helsinki, Finland, org. European Commission and the European Forest Institute


18 – 19  4th Biomass & Bioenergy Asia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, org. CMT events
22 – 23 Fuels of the Future 2018, Berlin, Germany. Org. German Bioenergy Association (BBE)

07 – 08 Biogas Europe, Rennes, France, org. Bees
07 – 08 Lignofuels 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands org. ACI Europe
“Advanced Biofuels & Materials Conference”
07 – 08 3rd Biomass, Trade & Power Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark, Org. CMT events
14 – 15 European Biopolymer Summit, Düsseldorf, Germany, org ACI
21 – 22 Progetto Fuoco, Verona, Italy
“Exhibiting 105 000 m2 area of wood fired heatings”
28 – 01 European Pellet Conference 2018, Wels, Austria, org. OÖ Energiesparverband
28 – 02 World Sustainable Energy Days, Wels, Austria, org. OÖ Energiesparverband
28 – 04 Energisparmesse – Expo Energy, Wels, Austria, org. Messe Wels

06 – 08 Bioket, Strassbourgh, France. org. IAR – the French Bioeconomy Cluster,  The event is addressing processes and technologies applied to biomass.
13 – 15  International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Energy Storage Europe 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany org. Eurosolar and World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
15 – 18  Bois Energie 2018, Grenoble, France, Org. BEES
20 – 22  World Bioenergy Markets 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, org. Bio-Based World
27 – 29 Victam Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, org. Victam International B.V.
Secure your stand space, exhibition space in last edition on 2016 was sold out.
28 – 29 7th Gasification 2018, Frankfurt, Germany org. ACI. During the afternoon of 27th of March 2018 up to 40 conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit The bioliq® Process.

16 – 18  2018 Int. Biomass Conf. & Expo, Atlanta, Ga, USA. Org. BBI International
17 – 19 Argus Biomass 2018, London, UK, org Argus Media

01 – 02 Forest Investment Conference, New York, USA org. RISI and DANA.
02 – 03 All Energy 2018, Glasgow, UK. Org. Reed Exhibitions
03 – 04 Int. Conf. on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, Toulouse, France
14 – 17 9th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, Tokyo, Japan, Org. cmt events
14 – 18 European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen org. Eraflorence and the European Commission Joint Research Center

11 – 13 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, Omaha, USA, Org. BBI International
25 – 28 Plastics Tomorrow via Biobased Chemicals & Recycling, Newark, NJ, USA, org. Inno Plast Solutions

16 – 19 Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, Philladelfi, PA, USA, Biotechnology Innovation Center

18 – 20 Asia Power Week 2018  PowerGen/Renewable Energy World , Jakarta, Indonesia, Org. Pennwell

09 – 11 Palmex Indonesia 2018, Medan, Indonesia, Fireworks Trade Media
10 – 11 Int. Biomass and Biogas Congress & Expo, Berlin org. Bioenergy Insight
19 – 21 Environment and Energy 2018, Riga, Latvia, org. Sia Bt1


12 – 14 Victam International, Cologne, Germany, org. Victam International B.V.