Cellulosic ethanol: Finland’s Chempolis ties-up with Indian Avantha group

Finland’s Chempolis ties-up with Avantha group for offering Technology to extract ethanol from cellulosic bio waste

Partnership with ACRID to help India reach 10% ethanol blending in petrol

New Delhi, December 16, 2015: Chempolis Limited, a Finland based biorefining technology corporation, has entered into partnership with Avantha Group’s research wing  Avantha Centre for Industrial Research & Development (ACIRD) to offer technology to India to extract ethanol from  various agri residues for blending with petrol.

India is a leading agricultural country producing large amounts of bagasse, cane trash, rice and wheat straw whose disposal is an environmental problem. The partnership will help to deliver biorefining technology to India to convert various agri residues, such as bagasse, cane trash, rice & wheat straw, corn stems, grasses, bamboo to clean sugars to be further converted to cellulosic ethanol and other biobased chemicals.

“Currently only a small percentage of ethanol blending ratio is reached due to lack of traditional raw materials and proper technologies. This partnership can help India achieve 10% ethanol blending levels in petrol and 20% blending ratio by 2017” said Mr. Rajeev Vederah, Chairman, ACIRD.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Pasi Rousu, President (Asia Pacific and Americas), Chempolis Ltd. “India is today facing many challenges like air pollution, tremendous import of petroleum, underdeveloped countryside etc. All these challenges can be turned into highly scalable sustainable, (economic, environment and social) businesses.”

Chempolis and ACIRD partnership can help India to achieve its goals of reducing forex spending on importing of oil, production of more sustainable carbon neutral biofuels and chemicals while reaching ethanol blending targets and promoting sustainable and environment-friendly business models.

About Chempolis Limited:

Chempolis Limited is a Finland-based technology leader delivering innovative 3G formico®biorefining technologies that provide profitable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the biomass, oil, sugar, alcohol, chemical and paper industries to refine biomass into high-quality products while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing social benefits. formicobio™ is a technology for the co-production of advanced biofuels, cellulosic sugars, lignin, platform biochemicals and biocoal.

About Avantha Centre for Industrial Research & Development:

Avantha Centre for Industrial Research & Development, (ACIRD) is a member of Avantha Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates. The Group has business interests in diverse areas, including pulp and paper, power transmission and distribution equipment and services, food processing, farm forestry, chemicals, energy, infrastructure, information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services.

ACIRD was set up in Patiala in 1983 by the Avantha Group with a view to accelerate research, design and development activities and provide science and technology base in emerging areas. While maintaining initial direction on generic research a new dimension on finding solution to the industrial problem has been added. The thrust areas of research are focused on environment friendly processes and products, process improvement product development and pollution abatement & resource conservation.

Its current focus of research is in the area of pulp, paper and allied industries, chemical and environment. The research centre currently operates out of Yamuna Nagar, Haryana.