Bioenergy industrial group “Pro Wood Chips” founded in Germany

German business interests coordinate for an increased wood chips market – want to create a bigger impact

On November 24, 2017, the expert working group “pro wood chips” (pro Hackschnitzel) was constituted as a part of DEPV the  German Energy Wood and Pellet Association e.V.  as an advocacy group for wood chips. 15 entrepreneurs from the area of ​​wood chip production and trade as well as boiler manufacturers met in Würzburg. Rainer Mahrla (Dettendorfer Rohstoff) was elected chairman of the panel. By the end of the year the existing pro Hackschnitzel e.V. “association will be dissolved

Rainer Mahrla says: 

“In the DEPV Pro wood chip working group, we want to tackle challenges such as quality assurance, market documentation, lobbying and general marketing and make them more professional.”

Certification ENplus for wood chips will be in focus
The basis for increasing the quality of wood chip heating will be the “ENplus wood chips” certification program developed by the German Pellet Institute (DEPI) in cooperation with the Technology and Support Center Straubing (TFZ).
In November DEPV issued the ID-No. 15 awarded to the Bavarian State Forests (BaySF). DEPV managing director Martin Bentele called as target for 2018 30 licensees nationwide.

By a stronger application of the sign, the boiler manufacturers also want to contribute to bring quality to the surface, as Andreas Eidt of the company Viessmann affirmed.

The common goal must be to make woodchips known as easily usable and regionally available energy sources, above all by municipal and commercial heating operators. A coordinated interaction of plant, operator and fuel is necessary.

“Only in this way can a positive image of wood chip firing systems, satisfied customers and a consequent market growth be achieved.”

Wide range of tasks 

  • Specialist lectures on the subject of wood chips will be part of the working group.
  • In Würzburg, Martin Behr, Deputy DEPV Chairman and Chairman of the VDI Working Group, reported on the development of the new guideline for wood chip storage VDI 3464-2.
  • Christian Dinkel, Deputy Technical Officer of the Bavarian Chimney Sweep, explained current and future requirements for air pollution control for wood fuels. He encouraged the working group to announce the ENplus certification for chimney sweeps.
  • The work program for wood chips in DEPV sees 2018 to charge a DEPI price index for wood chips, including the amount traded.
  • An information brochure for different operators and the appropriate fuel quality should be available in the coming year as well as an expanded website .
  • The next DEPV section “pro wood chips” will take place before the summer break 2018. 
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